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Guy Barnhart-Magen

In his role as the CTO for the Cyber crisis management firm Profero his focus is making incident response fast and scalable, harnessing the latest technologies and a cloud-native approach.
Most recently, he led Intel’s Predictive Threat Analysis group which focused on the security of machine learning systems and trusted execution environments. At Intel, he defined the global AI security strategy and roadmap. He spoke at dozens of events on the research he and the group have done on Security for AI systems and published several whitepapers on the subject.
Guy is the BSidesTLV chairman and CTF lead, a Public speaker in well-known global security events (SAS, t2, 44CON, BSidesLV, and several DefCon villages to name a few), and the recipient of the Cisco “black belt” security ninja honor – Cisco’s highest cybersecurity advocate rank.
He started as a software developer for several security startups and later spent eight years in the IDF. After completing his degrees in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, he focused on security research, in real-world applications.
He joined NDS (later acquired by Cisco). He led the Anti-Hacking, Cryptography, and Supply Chain Security Groups (~25 people in USA and Israel).