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Dr. Cynthia Thompson

Case manager
1147 N. Western
I am  the CEO of Thompson's Karate Academy Foumdation,, NFP and Girls-N-Gi's All Female Martial Arts Foumdation. A 10th degree Black Belt and 3 time World Champion.
Dr. Cymthia Thompson earned a Doctorate of Education from Illinois State University ( Curricumum and I nsteuctional Design (TCH)l Research in Lancaster, England. Violence Against Teachers : A Comparative Analysis of the US versus the UK., Creating a Calming Spaces.
DIssertation: Articulating the Experiences and Perceptiins of Grafuates from An Inner City Field Based teacher Preparation Program: A Sociocritical perspective.
A Masters of Education feom University of Illinois ( Leadership and Administration withType 75 certification). Research A Comparative Analysis of the Educational Systems in The UK to Illinois. I also worked as the assistant directpr of the Principal's Summer Instutute for 10 yrs.

Bachelors of Science in Educationfrom Chicago State University. (Fieldbased Teacher Preparation and Japanese) Research: Nakajo, Japan A Comparative Analysos of the Educational Sysen in Japan to the US

I am.vey passionte about helping people grow and sharing knowledge. I enjoy train8ng teachers and future principle and passionate about technology
 I trained future principals for 10 years and worked as a technolofy coordinator with CPS since 1997. I miss working in the fied doing what I love.
Saturday, July 16

8:30am PDT

Wednesday, August 10

8:30am PDT

Thursday, August 11

4:30pm PDT